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Rained Out

Updated - 8/12/2020
Signup Week
Week 11 (Aug 14th- 20th)
Adult Workout Week 7 (Aug 15th, 18th & 20th) -

Current Week
Week 10 (Aug 7th - 13th) -
Adult Workout Week 6 (Aug 8th, 11th & 13th) -

Past Weeks
Week 9 (July 31th - Aug 6th) -
Adult Workout Week 5 (
Aug 1st, 4th & 6th) -
Week 8 (
July 24th - 30th) -
Adult Workout Week 4 (
July 25th, 28th & 30th) -
Week 7 (July 17th - 23rd) -
Adult Workout Week 3 (July 18th, 21st & 23rd) -
Week 6
(July 10th - July16th) -
Adult Workout Week 2 (July 11th, 14th & 16th) -
Week 5 (July 3rd - July 9th) -
Adult Workout Week 1 (July 7th & 9th) -

Rules (Updated July 14th)
  1. Masks worn: 1) Entering or leaving the facility, 2) Interacting with staff (for their safety) 3) Going to and from and being in the restroom.
  2. Don't wear a mask: 1) In the pool, 2) Going to or from the pool, 3) At your table, 4) While eating or drinking.
  3. No groups congregating larger than 10 people.
  4. Maintain 6ft social distance in and out of the pool from non-household members.
  5. "Distance Sports" allowed between people of the same household.  For example, frisbee, baseball, football, soccer, go fetch, etc.  Basketball is now. open, still no Gaga Ball.
  6. Toys are allowed in the pool, be conscious of others when playing with them to maintain social distance.
  7. Kids who are not potty trained must wear either a swim diaper or rubber swim pants in the pool.
  8. Waivers are required to enter the facility for all members 18 years old or older.
  9. Pictures in the membership database are required to enter the facility.
  10. Kiddie Pool is open
  11. No Guests.
  12. Playground is open, please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.  It will be disinfected every 30 minutes.
  13. Snack shack is open.  We are selling drinks, candy, chips, snacks, snowballs, prepackaged ice cream and Taharka Brother's Ice Cream. Make sure you try Honey Graham and thank me later :) Grills are open for use.
  14. Water fountain is open. Ice is available, ask staff for assistance.
  15. Slide is open, please practice social distance in creating a line.
  16. Diving Board is open, please practice social distance in creating a line.
  17. Handles around the pool/diving board handles and the playground will be cleaned every 30 minutes.
  18. Bathrooms will be inspected and cleaned every hour.
  19. Currently all tables have 4/5 chairs, some with a lounge chair.  If you need a lounge chair, please request it from staff.
  20. Free Wifi is available.
  21. Members are encouraged to bring beach chairs to sit in the grassy areas in groups of up to 10, social distance, blah blah blah.
  22. Hand sanitizer will be available around the pool (every lifeguard station, check in, bathrooms, etc), you can request a bottle for your table if you need, but members are encouraged to bring their own.
  23. Sunscreen and swim diapers will not be available at the pool.

Reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or concerns, (Brad writer of lengthy emails) via email at or call/text me at 703-864-8030.  If you have ideas on how to make things better, I would love to hear them.

Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Pool Often,

Before you come to the pool two things need to be completed:
1) Please fill out and sign the Release, Waiver and Assumption of Risk form.  You can download and print the form by clicking on the following link.!At7oE5N0Z2Hxg44SnZ-_12AfmmwtCw?e=3D2fej.  The form is also on our website under the documents tab.
2) We need a photo of each member of your family in our database to provide a safe and efficient check-in process.  The same link has step by step procedures on how to update those photos.!At7oE5N0Z2Hxg44SnZ-_12AfmmwtCw?e=3D2fej
The form is also on our website under the documents tab.

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Lutherville, MD
Lutherville, MD
Street: 234 E. Ridgely Rd
Timonium, MD 21093
Mail: P.O. Box 37, Timonium, MD 21094

Pool Hours - Appointment only!
Normal Operating Hours:
Monday-Sunday through Labor Day: 10am-9pm
However, please note adjusted hours while public schools are in session:
Monday-Thursday, 12 pm-8:00 pm
Friday-Sunday 10 p.m.-9 pm